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Who is holly dating now

, for Lifetime, and I’m without my kids for the first time! I made the decision not to bring them: Riley came down with an ear infection two days before we were supposedto leave, so he couldn’t fly, and I was very upset about that.And Finley was just in so many four-year-old activities, like summer schooland karate, that we couldn’t take him out.But once Riley turned 1, Finley was like, "Wait a minute, this kid is taking my toys! " Now, though, he’s past that point, and has brotherly love.He’s figuring out that he has a role to play in this little one’s life, which is touching.I thought it was too different for my husband to like, so I never really mentioned it to him.We were visiting with Alyssa Milano‘s family — they live in my neighborhood — and I decided to give David the list, hoping he would see the name, and he did!Mine amped a little too much, and attacked my thyroid. I was really tired and run down, so I thought maybe it had to do with having little kids and a job.But I was also suffering from hair loss, dry skin and other symptoms.

Because of that, though, doctors have warned me about having a third child — I’ve had two C-sections already, and with all the scar tissue, it’s a lot. After my second pregnancy, I was diagnosed with postpartum thyroiditis.

He tries to pick Riley up, though, and I discourage that!

They’re boys, so they need to get outside at least once or twice a day. " But I do want a big family — I was an only child, which inspired me to have a family in the first place.

Read below for more on Holly’s life as a mom to Riley Edward, 23 months, and Finley Arthur, 4 — and her terrifying battle with postpartum thyroiditis.

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I would consider leaving acting formotherhood, I mean, we all want to be financially secure and want ourchildren to be secure forever.