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We were supposed to believe that Lauren was sad about this chapter in her life ending, but that was not the case.

Lauren was actually furious because she had somewhere else to be, the wedding was delayed by a few because the power went out, and the producers had locked her in the basement with a security guard so she couldn't leave. Heidi Never Tried to Trick Spencer Into Having a Baby As soon as Heidi and Spencer became Mr. Pratt, it looked like Heidi had a bad case of baby fever—and Spencer did that she never tried to trick Spencer.

It's been 10 years," Patridge, 31, told ET's Ashley Crossan during a sit-down interview.

"It seems like we're about to go back in time right now and reminisce and I'm ready for it." WATCH: Heidi Montag Reflects on Plastic Surgery Obsession" data-reactid="16"Ready, indeed!

“It was really weird, and then whenever the producers kept wanting me to fight with [Kristin] over [Justin], I was like, ‘I’m not doing that!

Earlier this month, The Hills alum Justin Bobby hinted that there may be a reunion for the popular MTV show in the works. Celebrity couples always look like they have the perfect relationship, but once divorce papers are filed, allegations of domestic abuse often start to bubble to the surface. Fans of The Hills have been following Audrina Patridge's relationship with her now estranged husband Corey Bohan since their very first date, which just happened to be filmed for the MTV series.... The 30-year-old, who recently revealed that she's expecting... The Hills star, 29, decided to kick off 2015 by dying her hair a combination of silver and purple — oh, wait, sorry, that's champagne silver and dusty violet to be...

Corey Bohan engaged in a goofy face-off with the tot, sharing a photo of the hilarious results on Instagram. Audrina Patridge and Corey Bohan's daughter Kirra is one happy baby! The Hills alum is counting down the days until the arrival of her first child, and she's already missing her soon-to-disappear baby bump.

In fact, starting a family wasn't even a part of their plan back then.

"I don't like tricking or manipulating people or things like that," she said.

"I think that's a really important step, and I was way too young. But Speidi Trick Us Into Thinking They Lived in a Big House OK, this one is pretty crazy.

Remember the little kid Enzo, who lived next door to Spencer and Heidi? Well, it turns out he didn't live next door to Speidi—that was actually house (well, his parents' house). "[Enzo's} mom and dad [would be] in another room, and we'd come to Enzo's house to pretend," Spencer explained to feud between Kristin and Audrina.

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The proud father shared a photo of his two-month-old smiling wide on Instagram while chillin' in her famous mama's arms.

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