Warning 1 error updating jscript intellisense

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Warning 1 error updating jscript intellisense

That’s nice when you’re developing your application, but what if your application is already in Azure?

We’ve got support in the Azure portal to start profiling and debugging, and it starts when you first publish your application and navigate to the cloud portal for your new app service.

NET Announcements Git Hub repository for a list of changes from previous versions of ASP. The latest SDK and tools can be downloaded from https://dot.net/core. NET Core 2.0 release announcement for more information and watch the launch video: With the ASP. You can still include explicit references to specific Microsoft.

NET Core 2.0 release we’ve added many new features to make building and monitoring web apps easier and we’ve worked hard to improve performance even more. Asp Net Core.* package versions if you need one that is outside of the lineup, but our goal is to make this as simple a reference as possible. We know that you don’t want to publish the entire Asp Net Core framework to your target environments, so the publish task now distributes only those libraries that you reference in your code.

Host configuration has been dramatically simplified, with a new Web Host.

Create Default Builder included in the default ASP. NET Core 2.0 at: https://aka.ms/dotnetcore2launchvideo .

You can then review the performance of your application including all log messages directly within Visual Studio 2017.Let’s look at a simple page that shows the current time: This looks like a standard MVC View written in Razor, but also has the @page directive at the top to indicate that this is a stand-alone Razor Page built with that paradigm. NET Code is available to us in the course of the page.We can add methods just as we could in Razor views, by adding a block level element called @functions and writing methods into that element: We can build more complex structures by taking advantage of the new Page Model object.When you click through a single instance of those exceptions, you get some neat information about the exception including the call stack: Snapshot debugging in Application Insights now supports ASP. If you configure snapshot debugging in your application, then the “Open Debug Snapshot” link at the top will appear and show the complete call stack and you can click through method calls in the stack to review the local variables: Nice!We can go one step further and click that “Download Snapshot” button in the top corner to start a debug session in Visual Studio right at the point this exception was thrown. From the Application Insights blade, you can choose the Performance option on the left and dig deeper into the performance of each request to your application.

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The Razor engine has been updated to work with the new Roslyn compiler and that includes support for C# 7.1 features like Default Expressions, Inferred Tuple Names, and Pattern-Matching with Generics.