Validating data

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This document outlines a data model, or infoset, for tabular data and metadata about that tabular data that can be used as a basis for validation, display, or creating other formats.It also contains some non-normative guidance for publishing tabular data as CSV and how that maps into the tabular data model.The standard syntax for that metadata is defined in [ The CSV on the Web Working Group was chartered to produce a recommendation "Access methods for CSV Metadata" as well as recommendations for "Metadata vocabulary for CSV data" and "Mapping mechanism to transforming CSV into various formats (e.g., RDF, JSON, or XML)".This document aims to primarily satisfy the "Access methods for CSV Metadata" recommendation (see section ] which is an Informational RFC.An annotated model of tabular data can be supplemented by separate metadata about the table.This specification defines how implementations should locate that metadata, given a file containing tabular data.

are those that affect the behavior of processors defined in this specification, but other annotations may also be present on any of the components of the model.We would encourage groups that define tabular data formats to also define a mapping into the annotated tabular data model defined in this document.This document was published by the CSV on the Web Working Group as a Recommendation.This specification refers to such files, as well as tab-delimited files, fixed field formats, spreadsheets, HTML tables, and SQL dumps as , this document defines a model for tabular data that abstracts away from the varying syntaxes that are used for when exchanging tabular data.The model includes annotations, or metadata, about collections of individual tables, rows, columns, and cells.

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