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Validating crtical thinking

Thus, a good argument guides reason, whether or not it appeals to emotion.A thorough evaluation should subject an argument to scrutiny along each of these dimensions.Critical thinking and problem solving are skills required to increase the growth in children’s learning and development, especially if our goal is to prepare a community of effective life-long learners.Researchers find that the definitions of each of these skills vary among the education community, but the necessity of student acquisition of these skills is demanded in the learning process.In what follows, we present each in turn, commenting on strategies that one can use while evaluating arguments.

They might be eloquent as speeches or spine tingling as theater, but that won't make them good arguments.

Also, teaching or facilitating critical thinking exercises challenges the role of the teacher and increases the level of discomfort. This specifically affects the teacher whose position for classroom motivation, directing, and instructing is done predominately by standing in front of the classroom (Brookfield, 2010).

However, he found that this “sage on the stage” practice can be overcome by developing the personality of the teacher.

Critical thinking and problem solving offer an extensive, fundamental skill to the educating of children.

This skill set is necessary for student understanding, development, and learning.

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