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Updating versamail

This Treo 680 Update 1.12 offers the following enhancements to your device: Track Back URL for this entry: Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Unlocked Treo 680 Update New Palm Desktop for Vista: Oh my... Any info onto when they might fix this grossly overlooked and underrated problem would be appreciated... Usually is thinks it has hooked up so it shuts off the speaker..it hasn't really hooked up and I am left in limbo... It was supposed to be added for the AT&T update as well, but there is no information on how to turn an MP3 into a ringtone in the phone itself.Now instead of the Palm Desktop not able to sync via USB with Vista Ultimate 64bit, now with this new update the whole thing is not compatable! I know a fair amount of friends who like Palm, use Palm and have 64bit OS's who I know will be very dissapointed in this "backwards" seeming update. Also, as a bit of feedback...after updating the Versa Mail application today (new update Jan 16th for Versa Mail 4), when going to the screen to verify the installation was done correctly it does not have "Build 77" anywhere on the screen like the directions say it should. Don't know if that means it didn't install because I did get an "alert" that a new version WAS installed. Targon, The ringtone support doesn't exist for the AT&T update. Try to send yourself email with attached ringtone, the press the attachment and it appear in voice memo, then you can add it. When you do treo clean install , step by step installing and testing applications, the bluetooth problem dissapears.

I had the same problem with resets and the installer complaining about the connection. at least in one respect, Palm is joining the modern software world.If I remember correctly, Palm never heard of it, and refers you to AT&T, who state that it's a Palm update and out of their control. I installed all basic apllications after clean install and there is no bluetooh problem after update. I did not reinstall all files, but one of the files in the queue fo reinstallation mustbe causing this problem.Regards Darek Oh well, I can't get the installer to work.From the other comments, however, it seams like I'm not missing anything.The only thing I was interested in was improved battery life, but that doesn't seem worth the hassle.

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I ran the palm update for Outlook 2007 for hotsync. OK Quick Install Versa Mail - Sync configured to Do Nothing OK Memos Calendar - sync configured to Do Nothing OK Contacts OK Tasks "The solutions and answers provided on Experts Exchange have been extremely helpful to me over the last few years.