Updating verizon wireless service

Posted by / 15-Feb-2017 18:37

Updating verizon wireless service

Not to mention boosting employee productivity and collaboration.

Deliver fast, secure, reliable network access with Verizon Managed Wireless LAN Services. LAN connections work great when people are at their desks, but what if they need to attend a meeting down the hall or work from just about anywhere else in the office?

CPSST allows CLECs to either create new profiles or modify existing ones.

All Resellers and CLECs must input appropriate customer-specific data.

New profiles and updates to existing profiles must be submitted through CPSST.

By extending your network with a Wireless LAN, employees are unencumbered and able move freely within the network's radius.

You can also build in limited guest access for those outside your organization.

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What is the official address of the 7500 model firmware update? I just want the official answer as to where to get it.