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Examples include sales amounts, total sales, customer names, database identifiers, URLs, images, spatial data, and e-mail addresses.On the design surface, fields appear as expressions in report items such as text boxes, tables, and charts.To use the value directly instead of using a value and setting the format property of the text box, drag the field to the text box and change the default expression Note Not all Field properties can be used for all data sources.The Value and Is Missing properties are defined for all data sources.Calculated fields are local to a report and cannot be saved as part of a shared dataset.For more information, see Add, Edit, Refresh Fields in the Report Data Pane (Report Builder and SSRS).

The field expression for the field Sales, when added to a text box in the detail row of a table, is , because the group header displays summary values for the group, not detail values.

For a field that represents a numeric value, the default aggregate function is Sum.

For a field that represents a non-numeric value, the default aggregate is First.

A report has three types of fields and displays them in the Report Data pane: dataset fields, dataset calculated fields, and built-in fields.

Note You can create and modify paginated report definition (.rdl) files in Report Builder and in Report Designer in SQL Server Data Tools.

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If you are working with a report model data source, you specify the entities and entity fields as your report data.