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This area is also responsible for human survival instincts.

Pretty soon my brain was telling me: “Eat, sleep, take Stadol, drink water, take Stadol, hit the washroom, take Stadol.” I believed I truly needed it to survive.

And during all four years, both my nurse manager and therapist had to submit monthly reports regarding my ability to practice safely.

An alternative-to-discipline program recognizes that drug addiction is a disease and an occupational hazard for nurses.

It provides them an avenue for getting help while maintaining their integrity, dignity, and job status after rehabilitation.

The pharmacy started asking questions when they realized my coworker was signing out a lot of medication-- even when she wasn’t on duty and sometimes for patients no longer at the hospital but still in the system.

Because of me, she was fully investigated; I can’t imagine how horrible that must have been for her.

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Three weeks following that surgery, I found out my abdominal wounds weren’t healing and my incision opened in four separate areas, exposing my abdominal wall. In order to encourage healing of these deep wounds, I had to “heal by granulation.” I had to keep the wounds irritated, cleaning them with medicated soaps and rough gauze 2-3 times a day.