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Respondents with high scores for agreeableness – altruism – report less often that their motive is sexual.

And people with high scores for neuroticism are mostly on Tinder to see whether they are still attractive, or because they’re trying to get over their ex.” “Tinder mostly attracts people between the ages of 18 and 29.

“People usually have more than one reason to create a profile.

Most respondents have high scores for amusement and curiosity.

A closer analysis revealed that 43% of the people who met another Tinder user in real life have already had a sexual interaction through the app.” Timmermans believes the relatively high number of one-night stands may be due to the fact that Tinder matches feel more confident when they meet each other for the first time than they would have felt during a blind date or another first date.

“They already know that the other person is interested too, so the date is more likely to lead to sex, even though it may not be the start of a relationship.

“The main difficulty was finding enough singles who had never used Tinder. Together with Elien De Caluwé (UGent), I then examined which motives are linked to the big five personality traits: openness to experience, conscientiousness (self-discipline), extraversion, agreeableness (altruism), and neuroticism (negative emotionality).

“Singles on Tinder tend to be more extraverted and more open to new experiences than singles who have not yet used the app.

Doctoral student Elisabeth Timmermans set out to find the answer: “One in two users already met one of their Tinder matches in real life.

This also applies to people who are abroad, because of the holiday atmosphere, or because they know that the distance will exclude anything serious.” The study revealed no less than thirteen different motives to join Tinder.

“These are not always mutually exclusive,” says Elisabeth Timmermans.

It’s a relatively new form of short relationships, with a strong sexual focus.” Timmermans wanted to find out whether a similar evolution is taking place in Belgium, and which part is played by Tinder, the dating app that has already brought about 10 billion matches worldwide.

This is how it works: you swipe pictures of potential partners to the left when you’re not interested, and to the right when the profile appeals to you.

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