Seventy thirty dating cop rules for dating daughter

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Seventy thirty dating

These include one Isaiah scroll which was written between 150-100 BC, another around 50 BC, a commentary on Habakkuk penned between 100-50 BC, and two other documents.The Septuagint, or LXX, is the oldest Greek translation of the Old Testament. Harrison confirms its early use: "While there are certain differences in New Testament usage, there is no doubt that of all Greek versions the LXX was employed predominantly and that it enjoyed independent existence in the period just prior to the time of Christ." (a codex is a bound volume of cut sheets).In 1947, shepherds discovered them quite by accident in caves above the Wadi Qumran Valley, northwest of the Dead Sea. [emphasis mine] " Of the 166 words in Isaiah 53, there are only 17 letters in question.

Thus, in one chapter of 166 words, there is only one word (three letters) in question after a thousand years of transmission - and this word does not significantly change the meaning of the passage.

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Today, much of the Dead Sea Scrolls collection remains with the many individual scholars to whom the various scrolls and fragments were assigned and named after.

Some of the documents are owned by the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and are on display in the Shrine of the Book Museum in West Jerusalem.

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Hill says they have gotten busier since the economy started showing signs of trouble last autumn.

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