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The facts are given in the minutes of the Supreme Executive Council, of date Philadelphia, Oct. Cornplanter, chief of the Senecas, made a speech to the Fathers of the Quaker State, in which he referred to a treaty made at Fort Stanwix six years before, and also of a talk held between the Fathers and the Thirteen Fires, at Muskingum.After this last treaty Cornplanter was to conduct his people to Fort Pitt.From what is now Lincoln Avenue (but not then named, what being the eastern boundary line) westward the streets were named as follows: Chartiers Street (now College), Monongahela Street (later Market, now Main), Beau Street (later Front, now Franklin). Hoge for a common, containing seventy or eighty acres.

On the north of the last named, and adjoining it, was the tract of Martha Hunter (warrant No., 3518), named in the survey "Matha's Bottom," containing three hundred and thirty-nine acres, sixty-nine perches, but the borough, when it became such by incorporation, included no part of his tract.Demands are still occasionally made, but no attention is paid to them.The first property to which title by deed was given was the public square sold for a site for the courthouse and prison of Washington County.It is now owned by a Harry Shirls, and his residence is upon it. He was a member of the Delaware Convention which met at Dover on the 7th of December, 1787, and ratified the constitution of that State, of which he was Governor from 1798 to 1801. Hoge immediately commenced the sale of lots by certificates which bore the number of the lot sold, and a proviso that a house at least eighteen feet square with a stone or brick chimney shall be built thereon on or before the 13th day of October, 1784; and also contained an amount specified to be paid annually as a quit-rent.The new town was named Bassett Town, in honor of the Hon. He was also United States district judge in 1801-1802. These certificates passed from one to another, and in most cases deeds were not made till four or five years later.

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It is not known or believed that David Hoge ever resided here.