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In the meantime, educators and clinicians may broaden the focus of existing school-based or clinic-based interventions by flexibly applying techniques such as cognitive restructuring, problem-solving skills training and self-control skills, along the lines described above.

Parents may play a key role in advocating for children who are bully-victims, seeking referrals where appropriate to mental health centres where individual therapy may be provided, as this may be a particularly appropriate context to tailor interventions to the specific needs of bully-victims. Marini is a Professor in the Department of Child and Youth Studies, and his research focuses on the cognitive and social factors related to bullying and victimization. Dane is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology, and his research focuses on the interplay of parenting, peer influences, and temperament in the development of aggression. Volk is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Child and Youth, and his research focuses on bullying in adolescent girls.

Given that they experience a broader range of behavioral and emotional difficulties than do children who are either purely involved in bullying or the victims of bullying, it is perhaps not surprising that bully-victims show social and emotional problems that are frequently present in victims of bullying, such as anxiety, depression, peer rejection, and a lack of close friendships, as well as the cognitive and behavioral difficulties often apparent in children who bully, including a greater acceptance of rule-breaking behavior, hyperactivity and a tendency toward reactive aggression (1, 4).

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Programs designed to address children’s behavioral problems (7) have been developed separately from comparable interventions for emotional problems relating to anxiety and depression (8).

There is very little research on the integration of these interventions for children such as bully-victims who struggle with both behavioral and emotional issues (see 9), for an exception on the treatment of children with anxiety disorders and co-occurring conduct problems).

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