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Pictures of teenagers dating

So instead of focusing on any people you don’t like, you can try talking to your child about the behaviour you don’t like.Discuss the possible consequences of the behaviour, rather than making judgments about your child’s friends. For example, letting him wear certain clothes or have his hair cut in a particular way can help him feel connected to his peers, even if you’re not keen on blue hair or ripped jeans.The next step is to talk to your GP, who can put you in contact with your local child and adolescent health team or another appropriate professional.In this short video, we hear parents’ and teenagers’ perspectives on peer influence.This also gives you the chance to check on whether negative peer influence is an issue for your child.Good communication and a positive relationship with your child might also encourage your child to talk to you if he’s feeling negative influence from peers.Parents and kids discuss the need to feel part of a group and to be seen as ‘cool’.

If your child is happy with who he is and the choices he makes, he’s less likely to be influenced by other people.If this happens, there are things you can do to help manage it.Peer influence is when you choose to do something you wouldn’t otherwise do, because you want to feel accepted and valued by your friends.If your child has a strong sense of himself and his values, it’s more likely he’ll know where to draw the line when it comes to assessing risks.Here are some ideas to help your child manage peer pressure and peer influence: Encouraging your child to have friends over and giving them space in your home can help you get to know your child’s friends.

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