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Observablecollection not updating

Menu Page is akin to a Master Detail Page however instead of using a Content Page on the master, the user passes a menu and we construct a platform appropriate view of it. This is especially useful on UWP and Android where such views exist but cannot be normally represented through Xamarin. Here in this case we need to call the Refresh method of Collection View Source. The Forms team has been defining its release process.

As you click around, you will notice that the bound controls respond appropriately to any changes in the observable dictionary. You may now want to provide a view of the dictionary entries in your user interface.On the right side of the window is a Combo Box whose items are bound to the same dictionary.Beneath the Combo Box is a Button whose style is bound to the selected value of the Combo Box.With broad changes it’s much harder to call something stable.Therefore, after a major release we will delay one point release of features and instead focus on stability of the new major release.

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Unfortunately, to provide a dynamic view of your dictionary data, you would need to do a lot of extra work.

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