Nick carter dating 2016

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Carter is not the only popular person in his family in fact he starred together with four of his siblings in the House of Carters, a reality show that aired on E! From the show and what we read about them, the House of Carter is indeed a complicated family, some media platforms even said they were setting dysfunctional reality standards.

Read on to know more about the state of Nick Carter’s family…

As sad as this situation was, Nick was absent at the funeral!

He addressed his absence however because the media could not stop talking about it and he said it was because of a family feud going on as his complicated family blamed him for the death of his younger sister.

Leslie was loved by her family and was closer to Jane (their mum).

Just like his elder brother, Aaron has had his share of arrests on the grounds of driving misconducts and having hard drugs in possession.The Backstreet Boys were among the music sensations of the 1990’s.Their music would have been on the playlist of several music lovers who were into love at the time.The second time, it was to Jane Elizabeth (nee Spaudling) who gave birth to most of his kids including the infamous member of the Back Street Boys.After five kids, Robert divorced Jane and married Ginger Elrod who now has two kids for him.

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Aaron is a pop and hip hop singer himself who has succeeded in establishing himself as a star among the teenage audience.