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Most intimidating movie lines

Functional air scoops were also applied to the rear quarters to help with brake cooling.

Shelby took the fastback’s rear end further by adding horizontal taillights and a flush spoiler, emanating the popular “Kammback” styling of the era’s track cars and Euro roadsters. Originals start at around the price of a new townhouse and quickly skyrocket to over 0,000, depending on color and configuration.

"But what I thought was really interesting is when you see Biggs, he’s in an Imperial uniform. Knowing that Obi-Wan Kenobi's iconic line was a late addition is just another amazing anecdote that makes us appreciate the beautiful chaos of the Star Wars saga a little bit more.

It’s so aptly nicknamed because of its massive 428 engine, the “Cobra Jet”.

The thing was so gnarly that Ford actually lied about how much power it made.

Its fandom reaches across movie cinemas, but there is one version of this classic fastback that we love most: The 1967 GTO. From the front, even a quick glance will form the opinion that this is one of the most intimidating and understatedly aggressive muscle cars of the era.

While other models of the late 60’s were transitioning to low, sleek, fast and thin, the GTO stuck to its guns, emanating the general idea of the Friday night lead sleds of years past.

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In a move ahead of its time, the 1968 Cobra’s body was mostly manufactured out of fiberglass.