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Furthermore, he has also dated reputed on-screen personalities such as Fiona Forbes (2007), Elisabeth Rohm (2006-2007), Reghan Blake (2006), Corinne Safell (2004-2006), Sandra Guerard, (2002-2006), Alison Hughes (1999), Kelly Stone (1994) and Molly Ringwald (1984-1985).

Simply, Anthony is a perfect example of what we call “a man of change”.

Moreover, Diana was also successful to take restraining order against him stating that Anthony has a bipolar condition.

But, the exact source of his bipolar-disorder news comes from a lawsuit by an insurance company against Anthony, which was filed in the year 2003.

The lawsuit presented by the insurance company claimed that the production of the television series The Dead Zone underwent a temporary shutdown because of carelessness of Anthony, The lawsuit claimed that the actor was hospitalized after he stopped taking his medications against bipolar.

Till this day, Anthony is silence regarding all of this matter.

Now, moving on to his body orientation, he is a tall man with height of 6 feet and 1 inch.

Although his exact weight is not known, we can guess he has a well-maintained weight simply by analyzing his recent pictures.

From her career, we assume she earns hundred thousand a year. Her spouse Michael’s net worth is million, and both are living in .3 million apartment in Art Deco building.

He transitioned from a skinny boy to an athletic man with good sense of humor.

Plus, if you look his dating life, you can see numerous ups and downs.

Furthermore, he has net worth of around million US dollar.

Other wiki on his professional life can be accessed via Wikipedia and IMDB’s biography on him.

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Before marrying, both spent love life together for three years.