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Mandating vaccine good

In the meantime, physicians are still morally obligated to seek informed consent and to provide full and honest disclosure of the risks and uncertainties of the vaccine, in comparison with the risks of the disease.

Information given to parents about this vaccine often does not meet the requirement for full disclosure.

This is not an unreasonable estimate of the degree of underreporting with a passive reporting system.

Moreover, Congress heard testimony concerning medical students who were told not to report suspected adverse events.(8) Dr.

Harold Margolis, a CDC hepatitis expert, told Congress that the incidence of SIDS has decreased at the same time that infant immunization rates have increased.(9) In other contexts, the Back to Sleep campaign is credited with a dramatic fall in SIDS; it is possible that the decrease might have been greater without hepatitis B immunizations.

The federal policy of mandating vaccines marks a monumental change in the concept of public health.

Traditionally, public health authorities restricted the liberties of individuals only in case of a clear and present danger to public health.

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In addition, he may risk his very livelihood if he is dependent upon income from "health plans" that use vaccine compliance as a measure of "quality." It is perhaps not surprising, although still reprehensible, that physicians sometimes behave in a very callous manner toward parents who question the need for certain vaccines.