Mandating direct

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Mandating direct

The employer must exhaust reasonable efforts to obtain other staffing before mandating overtime.These efforts include that your employer 1) seek persons who volunteer to work extra time from all available qualified staff who are working at the time of the unforeseeable emergent circumstance; 2) contact all qualified employees who have made themselves available to work extra time; 3) seek the use of per diem staff; or 4) seek personnel from a contracted temporary agency when such staff is permitted by law or regulation.The Commonwealth of Kentucky utilizes direct deposit to deliver payroll.It is a convenient, reliable, cost and time saving alternative to issuing paper checks.After years of efforts, Pennsylvania nurses have won this important protection for the sake of our patients and our profession.

A: A health care employer must prudently plan for patient care emergencies and meet routine staffing needs without using mandatory overtime by implementing a Nurse Coverage Plan.This plan should take into account typical patterns of staff absenteeism due to: It must reflect the health care employer’s typical levels and types of patients served by the health care facility.The Plan must identify and describe alternative staffing methods available to the health care employer to ensure adequate staffing without mandatory overtime.This includes (but is not limited to): The health care employer must document all attempts to avoid the use of mandatory overtime and seek alternative staffing.|top| Q: Are health care employers required to post a notice relating to the mandatory overtime restrictions? Health care employers are required to make their Nurse Coverage Plan readily available to all nursing staff.

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A health care employer who seeks such a waiver from a nurse will have violated the law.