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Loser dating site

I wanted to write this post as a follow up to the first online dating article I wrote, because I have a lot more to add on the subject.

After some recent bad experiences this summer, I’ve come to a conclusion on why online dating is not natural, and why it will make you feel like shit afterwords.

Unfortunately she had some personal issues so I knew I wouldn’t be seeing her again, but I decided to stay around and hang out with her because she was so nice.

I ended up staying the night as we both enjoyed cuddling each other and watching Netflix.

You never know what kind of girl you’re going to get, and our brains are addicted to that unknown adventure factor.

Anyway, after a little more than a year away from online dating, I decided to try it out this summer to see if there were any changes. The first girl I met was an 18 year old Latina that was surprisingly hot.

It’s a temporary stage, but it’s definitely very important to get out of your system while you’re still young.

I would feel like total shit afterwords because I didn’t want sex anymore, I wanted a real connection. I had a full blown addiction to these dating apps and I thought that eventually I’d find a girl I actually liked on there.

The next day when I left I felt so bad because I could see it in her eyes that she knew it was a one time thing.

She even texted me about it later and I had to tell her that she was the sweetest girl ever but we wouldn’t be good together.

Needless to say, the longer the night went on, the more and more I couldn’t wait to drive her home. After being disappointed with how the first girl turned out, I didn’t really mess with online dating until a month later.

Then I met up with a 24 year old girl at a bar, who turned out to be much fatter than her pics.

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Later that night I cried my fucking eyes out because I broke this girls heart.

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  1. Again, there are a myriad of reasons for a man not becoming a dad. They checked it out and found that my blog had been hacked. He’s all over the place: the media, Hollywood, schools, the government. Now that my lowly blog is back up and running (for now), will I continue to write? It will be very sad for me to cease blogging, and I will miss it very much — and all of you.

  2. One of the things he said that I remember is that "we don't open the doors for women because they are women, we open doors for women because we are gentlemen." He also talked openly about the issues with sex and dating, etc.