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Teenage Dating/Relationships; Serious and Casual: Most teens would say, “I believe everyone my age ‘is doing it’ — and so long as I use protection, I am being responsible about it.” In today’s reality, teens date, have relationships, and “kick it,” which may include sexual touching, and even lead to sexual intercourse. I am with my boyfriend or girlfriend.” However, often times the teen couples are in different grades and are different ages.That is where the legal issues become very serious and most teens and their parents are not aware of the potential life changing consequences they could face.Nancy Naive makes no attempt to stop her daughter other than to say “use protection.” On that fateful spring evening, the two engage in consensual sex.Christine’s Dad, Johnny Law, who isn’t a fan of Ben, later finds out and reports the incident to the local police.

However, once there is an age gap, it gets a bit confusing; you can access the legal details here.But when that age gap widens, teens can be putting themselves or their partner in danger of legal (and emotional) consequences if the relationship involves sexual contact.This week we’re going to take a look at the legal implications of the age of consent and statutory rape.Basically, it is illegal to have sexual contact with: a 12-year-old if the other person is more than 2 years older; a 12-to-14 year old if the other person is more than 3 years older; a 14-to-16 year old if the other person is more than 4 years older.These crimes can be labeled as child rape or child molestation, and they are felonies.

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To a teen, an older person finding them attractive is not alarming; it may even serve to demonstrate to the teen how mature and desirable they are.