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This is an historic building for Russian cinema, since it is the place where the first Soviet film was shown.Now it stands as the only theatre in the city where you can watch movies in English or with subtitles.

This would serve as a base for developing additional Asian outlets and store openings soon followed in Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.~Before Dog Days~ (Part 2) Chapter 2 - The Annoying Guy is a Transfer Student, Woof!The two cinemas are located in the same complex, which has been one of the oldest cinema theatres since the 60s.Our 2018 Jury first special mention goes to Destination Nowhere by Prapat Jiwarangsan (Thailand 2018) for it’s intelligent and aesthetically convincing technical-aesthetic decisions to work with monotonous and repetitive manual work and a rough sound to evoke questions of (in-)visibility and precariousness of a marginalized person in a dominant surrounding.Our 2018 Jury second special mention goes to Optimism by Deborah Stratman (USA / Canada 2018) for it’s humorous and sensitive research into the landscape and history of a special place linking it to the allegorical and conquering quest for light and sun, gold and wealth - and evoking the film-historic genre of gold digging on many levels as an underlying metaphor.

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We were thrilled and enchanted by the aesthetic and sensitive diversity of styles, how animation builds up from the structures in the photographs.