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report form must be used when implementing the AR Statement Numbering feature.

Use of this report for statement printing is required in order for OPERA to properly display statement number on the printed AR statement and in the Statement field on the Account Maintenance screen for invoices included in the statement.

.) The date specified in this field determines the balance forward date and balance forward total that is printed on the statement.

(A balance forward shows the net amount for all invoices and payments (debits and credits) prior to the balance forward date as a single total, rather than itemizing them individually on the statement.) For example, if you enter 09-02-03 in this field, all debits and credits prior to 09-02-03 will be shown on the statement as a net total amount identified by "Balance as of 09-02-03".

You may override this by entering a Balance Forward From date.

This allows the property to see which invoices have been included in each generated statement and to search for invoices using the statement number.

In addition, payments can be applied per statement.

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Accounts Receivable Statements Accounts receivable statements are print, file, email, or fax reports showing amounts owed by AR account holders. OPERA makes it possible to produce AR statements on an as-needed basis (this is sometimes called "on-demand"), for either one account at a time or in batch for two or more selected accounts.

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