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Where a character's lines are all written one after the other, they're spoken in sequence; where split up on separate lines, they're spoken at random. Vlad Vladimir Glebov, extortionist for Dimitri and Mikhail. Jacob Jacob Hughes, AKA Little Jacob, Jamaican criminal working for Badman. Leonid Leonid Petrovic, AKA Lenny, son of Kenny Petrovic. Badman Teafore Maxwell-Davies, AKA Real Badman, head of Jamaican drug dealing.

Most browsers have a Find function - press Ctrl F and enter a search term from the table of contents, such as "#intro", to go directly to that section of the guide. Dimitri Dimitri Rascalov, co-head of Russian organized crime in Hove Beach. Mel Russian drunk, hangs out at Comrades Bar in Hove Beach. Ivan Ivan Bytchkov, Russian burglar based in Hove Beach. Alejan Alejandra, employee at the [email protected] internet cafe in Broker.

Johnny Johnny Klebitz, member of The Lost biker gang.

PB X Trey Stewart, AKA Playboy X, head of North Holland drug distribution.

There's been a big scare and you can't go across the bridges so good.

=============================================================================== STORYLINE MISSIONS (#story) =============================================================================== ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE COUSINS BELLIC (#rb01) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dave Daddy's back, you bitches... so I, uh, did some dumb things and got involved with some idiots... After the war finished, I couldn't get a job, nobody could... The city is like a big Uder Milken Ice Cream shop: thirty-six flavors of titty. Here we have white, black, the Puerto Ricans and the Asians, Europeans on vacation, scared Canadians, bored housewives from the Midwest - every possible choice.

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For example, if a police chopper flies in and something is said over the loudspeaker, it would go by "LCPD".