Friendship or dating

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Friendship or dating

Online dating for singles over 50 is growing fast because so many people are now single at 50.That’s why AARP did a survey to learn what people think and how they are using the site. Recently, AARP conducted an online dating survey among singles over 50.After 15 months of disappointment, rejection, hurt feelings, I clung unwaveringly to my inner knowing that love would be mine.That’s when I met the man who I have been married to for nearly 15 years.When I awoke on my 40th birthday still single I had no hope of finding love. After a few months, something shifted and I came to know in my heart I would find love if I made an effort.So I launched my dating campaign to find the right man for me.

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It’s easy to understand why they don’t need or want to marry again. Nataki Edwards, AARP VP of digital strategies explained it this way, “I think the need for love is a universal one, but we do see some of our members moving from a desire to get married to one of pure companionship and even friendship.”I agree completely that the need for love is universal.

Love is the third of five Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Nataki did not point to any statistical data to back her point, so I question the validity of this statement.

Fizzle so you will be educated about the pitfalls and common mistakes so you can avoid the, And discover what improves your chances at the same time. My hope is that you won’t have to quit – because with enough tenacity, you too can find the love you want.

Online dating is the solution you are looking for when it comes to friendship, companionship and LOVE!

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So these single gals hope for companionship or friendship because that seems so much more likely. When you can’t admit what you really want and can’t imagine getting it, there is absolutely no motivation or ambition to try. Why would anyone invest in an end goal that was totally fruitless and unattainable? Pepper Schwartz, the Dating Ambassador for the AARP said, “… If there is something to give up on, it’s the idea that you’ll never have love of a good man again.

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