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Fraudulent dominican women dating sites

Sean Mc Cabe, Courtesy Texas State Securities Board Robert Joseph Mangiafico Jr.

stole 5,000 from nine older women, persuading them to liquidate assets and make investments through him.

Hargrove targeted older people for a phony charity he called Ohio Veterans Source.After gathering names and other details about family members from obituaries, social media and ancestry websites, scammers call, often in the wee hours.See also: Swear off scammers They claim to be beloved grandchildren who've been arrested or hospitalized — often while traveling — and need immediate money. Or, at least call the grandchild or parents before heading to Western Union.He was arrested at a home where law enforcement says he was going to make an 11th fraudulent fix.Unscrupulous contractors arrive unexpected at your front door, claiming to have noticed necessary repairs while driving by.

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Sign up for the AARP Money Newsletter By the time Stelman was arrested in August 2012, he and his alleged collaborators had collected nearly $1 million from at least 78 victims — most in their 70s and all over 50.