Ethio dating

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Ethio dating

Ethiopia is a land of antiquity; it is the oldest independent African country dating back to 5 B. The main language is Amharic and English is widely spoken.

The people are elegant, industrious and possess the deep warmth commonly found in African cultures.

It didn’t take me long to realize that my gender, combined with my blond hair and fair skin, was enough to draw more than just a little bit of attention from Ethiopian men.

Once, while walking through the streets, a boy sitting outside his house sang a line from a popular Rihanna song, “Oh na na, what’s your name? Those were probably some of the few English words he knew.

After being in Ethiopia for about a week and going into the city several times with my host brother, he offered to show me the nightlife of Addis.

Knowing that my parents would sleep better at night if I was traveling with two male friends of broad and tall stature, I booked my plane ticket to Addis Ababa.

We decided that for the first two weeks, I would stay with a host family in Addis Ababa and volunteer at a local school while my friends visited family in Gambella.

Over the last 18 years, Young Life in Ethiopia has grown 34% per year.

Currently, over 15,000 kids attend Young Life outreach clubs every week and almost 10,000 kids are involved in weekly discipleship groups.

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