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But not everyone who may want to tune in for the finale has time to catch up on the new characters, romances and paper-sales developments that have been introduced over the past two seasons.If you stopped watching when Michael Scott left Scranton to start a life out west, here’s what you missed: (MEGA-SPOILERS, OBVIOUSLY) (MORE: The Office Will End Big. But It Can Still End Well.) Jim and Pam: Had another kid, Philip.Learned that his father had lost all the family money; acting on an impulse, he took a sailing trip (without Erin…see below) before their boat had to be sold.Eventually, his chronic absence from work got him fired—but not before he could (misguidedly) quit to pursue his dream of being an actor.He had a new girlfriend after Erin, to whom he almost proposed, but ended up back with Erin.

(Michael is less kind and simply refers to her as a "rube." He should talk.) So when she learns about Angela and Andy, she can’t process it; the thought of the two of them having sex seems, to her, impossibly monstrous.

Meredith: Shaved her head when the whole office got lice from Pam and her kids.

Toby: Became obsessed with his role as a juror on the Scranton Strangler case.

“In the foster home, my hair was my room,” she says to Michael in a crowded restaurant.

Ultimately, this leads to the moment when Erin, right before Andy is supposed to sing “Secretary of Love” to her for her Secretary’s Day celebration, throws a piece of cake in his face.

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