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Editingcontrolshowing cell validating

We also created a custom textbox column which converts an enter key press to tab key.

Private Sub dg Searched Item_Editing Control Showing(By Val sender As System. Control, Combo Box) If Not editing Combo Box Is Nothing Then Add Handler editing Combo Box.

This Key Press event handler will be invoked when the user types into the cell and it is defined as follows: Private Sub Text Box_Key Press( _ By Val sender As System.

However, in some situations this is not sufficient.

A better way would be to prevent illegal characters from being entered in the first place. Handled = True Return End If '---if textbox already has a decimal point--- If CType(sender, Text Box).

There is no way to do this through the standard Data Grid View Combo Box Column or Data Grid View Combo Box Cell classes.

You could access the editing control itself from the outside, i.e. The "proper" way to do this would be to create your own custom types.

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In order to achieve this, you need to perform two things: - the Drop Down Stype property of the Combo Box editing control needs to be set to Drop Down. - ensure that the value that the user typed into the cell is added to the combo box items collection.

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