Duggar dating rules list

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"But it's how our parents did it." Father , the 23-year-old student midwife learned she was, yes, two months along. Though Duggar custom calls for a theme - all 19 siblings' names begin with J - Jill says they're "leaning away from the letter thing, but might pick a different theme." After all, family traditions are meant to be kept."I was screaming and laughing when I found out," Jill tells Us. From Courtship to Marriage When "dating with a purpose," says Jessa, the goal is finding a good future dad1 Boundaries are set Call it a marriage contract: Before the first date, the singles and parents agree on rules that rein in raging hormones.

Out of all the rules on this list, this one is by far the most disturbing.Once, Seewald implored of Jessa (top), "Give me a ring." , 49, "keeps things from going in the wrong direction." The girls agree being alone with guys puts them in grave "moral danger."4 Only side hugs are allowed Chest-to-chest contact is strictly forbidden until "I do." The preferred PDA: "When two people wrap their arms around each other and give a hug from the side," says .5 NO ring, no hand-holding If he wants it, he has to put a ring on it."Usually in engagement photos the couple are hugging and kissing," concedes Jessa. they're holding hands."6 The first kiss occurs at the altar Waiting ensures "there's no regrets," Michelle, 48, says.(Photo Credit: TLC) The Duggars are huge fans of side hugs.Full-frontal hugs are considered an abomination and only children who are married are allowed to do it.

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