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The 3 employees behind the counter told him again there was nothing they could do and he had to get the same sandwhich. The gentleman walked out and threw the sandwhich on an empty seat. The situation was handled very bad by your employees.

I can’t believe it is in your policy not to replace or refund a sandwhich that taste bad or employees that yell at an unsatisfied customer to not come back.

Reply Hello, i was at the on Seigen lane in Baton rouge La.

I was in line behind a customer that had a compliant.

He was unhappy with the taste of footlong meatball sub (I was appalled when the employee behind the counter opened the sandwhich and inspected it! They told him since there was no hair in his food they could not replace his sandwhich with a different type he had to have the same type of sandwhich.

The guy raised his voice and said but that sandwhich taste like s**t.

This store should be head up to other Subways as an example of how a Subway should be run!

In 2002, Subway surpasses Mc Donalds in the number of total restaurants.

Current CEO Suzanne Greco announced that she was stepping down in June of 2018. Fast food restaurants are accountable for their mistakes. Subway takes the FUN of visiting their stores out of the equation.

The store itself was dirty, wet sticky counters, tables, dirty floors. Reply My only complaint is that our subways located in Columbus, Ms (3 stores) have now changed their operating hours so that patrons who are doing shift work, people with food allergies that other types of food stores cannot service them with all the tremendous choices that Subway can is now not open until after travel to work is over with. Service and food quality and choices have always been great!

Reply I was in line at Subway #46981 id1A233424 and witness in front of me a young man coughing really bad and spitting two times on the line, really gross for a food restaurant.

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Are they there to serve and protect, or is the customer in his or her own while on their private premises?