Disable itunes stop updating podcasts 18 14 year old dating

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Disable itunes stop updating podcasts

Check don't show this again and then click don't transfer.Now you can go into edit and preferences under General and uncheck apps altogether if you want the i Tunes apps folder to go away as well.Now reconnect via cable turn wifi sync back on and sync your device via wifi or cable doesn't matter which.Now disconnect the cable, goto apps in i Tunes and delete all apps.Unless you have a backup somewhere (like i Tunes Match or an external hard drive), the song you just accidentally deleted could be unrecoverable if i Tunes has also deleted it from your i Phone.The reason for this is because syncing songs and other files via i Tunes is a one-way process.

Make sure under the edit menu and preferences / devices (this is important) that you have it set to prevent automatic sync.However, before connecting the i Phone to your computer it's a good idea to exit i Tunes and then re-run it.This will make sure the settings you changed are reloaded and actively working.Then you can reconnect with your usb cable and turn on sync via wifi again.At this point a popup will tell you that there are apps that you need to transfer to i Tunes or they will be removed from your device.

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Uncheck sync apps, then ok the warning about removing the apps from the device.