Delete rsvp dating account

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Delete rsvp dating account

My profile is up once again so if there are any suggestions , please message them before my profile disappears yet once again! He almost has to have two accounts with the same email or have content in his profile forbidden if it keeps getting deleted.Cowboy If you are rude to someone and get multiple complaints, your IP will be flagged and you will automatically be deleted from POF for any account you make from that computer.Prior to this I was on about 4 years ago without incident.

The filters lighten up after a first contact message. A short email and dont put email or phone numbers or anything of that a reply back and you will probably be OK.

I have double-checked my POF mail settings and they are fine, plus POF is in my safe senders list on Hotmail. Is there a way for me to check the status of my account?

Is there a way to send myself a message to check the system?

You could try emailing one of the Mods…Trappedonbayst is good about helping people with their email problems.

I'll send you a test message to help you but go remove all your restrictions for now until we verify your profile can receive mail. You cant put your email or phone in your PROFILEe but you can send it in private messages here. They filter out some website addresses but emails and phone numbers should be all good in a private message.

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At or near the top of this forum a thread in Bid Red Letters titled "Admin Forum Rule Report Violations Thread".

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