David deangelo various dating material

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David deangelo various dating material

Overall I would ignore this, as it is likely to leave you more confused than adding any benefits - with the exception of the five love languages.

If you're interested in understanding women's personality types, the best course for this is the Pandora's Box System.

De Angelo does a good job of explaining this link in the program and obviously has chosen material based on his own progress (he gives examples of his own recent relationships in the program to illustrate).

The message - women want a guy with passion to change the world within a direction- "how that guy wants to do it." Pick something and tell her. You will not find these tools for creating and maintaining a happy, lasting relationship anywhere else.

The material comes from the perspective of exclusive long term relationships (i.e.

traditional relationships), and getting the most out of one deep relationship with a woman.

For guys who have found that their relationships with women have evolved in ways they didn't like in the past, this product will be helpful for you.

The majority of guys in this position are self-sabotaging their relationships in some way, and this program explores a wide variety of areas where you may be doing this.

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It will make you think, reconsider your past behaviors, and probably lead you to some simple but tough actions - if you have the courage!