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Datingsimulationgame com

Creative Freaks has not mentioned any plans to localize the app, though there is a translated version of the site written in Engrish of the highest caliber that warrants a look.

Posted: 28/04/2012 in Marketing Tags: Burn Your Fat With Me, diet, exercise, fitness-centered smartphone apps, Fitocracy, Google Play, i Tunes App Store, Japanese dating simulation game, Japanese smartphone app developer Creative Freaks, Mayu Uehara, Nenshou Smartphone app combines fitness with Japanese dating simulation game One of the most common applications of gamification — the process of applying game mechanics to a non-game context — is personal fitness.

Just take a look at the influx of fitness-centered smartphone apps or the popularity of websites like social network and online game Fitocracy, which motivates users to improve their fitness with stats tracking and digital rewards, and it’s clear that more and more people are switching from personal trainers to digital devices.

Japanese smartphone app developer Creative Freaks realizes that different people are motivated by different incentives, and now they’ve decided to target the health-conscious otaku market with their latest app, “Burn Your Fat With Me,” a game that turns personal fitness into a Japanese dating simulation game.

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“If more people were to find ways of expressing themselves like this, I think it would make society a bit more interesting.” The newlyweds, who went on a honeymoon to Guam, now go on dates around Tokyo, with SAL9000 taking pictures of Nene, installed in his Nintendo DS, in front of famous landmarks and then posting them on social networking sites.