Dating warners kidney bottles

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Dating warners kidney bottles

I’m going to leave the sniffer with the Sisters, and give them a 3rd monitor.

The next time a sensor goes off we can get an immediate reading in the apartment.

He picked it up, went back up on the stand and put it away.

A little later the 2-year-old was making a fuss on the stand. He said I needed to take his little brother out, put him on the table, and have a talk with him.

The literature says any levels of CO, under 100 ppm for 8 hours, are not harmful to humans.

I took him back into the meeting as the Sacrament hymn started. After he had been up there for a few minutes, he looked at me and gave a thumbs-up sign. A little later he came down in from on the stand with a large toy car.

I leaned over, gave him a thumbs-down, and said the car was too noisy.

After about 3 hours with our flight showing as delayed, the label disappeared from the display.

We went to the counter to check on the status of the flight. No more flights until tomorrow afternoon to Kinmen. We left the airport, headed to the Texas Roadhouse for a nice stake dinner. President said he knew where it was, so off we went.

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If the landlord is unwilling to buy a new water heater, we will move the Sisters to a different apartment. Much to our better judgement, we went shopping at Costco after we finished at the Sister’s apartment. Sister Abbott was at the office this morning and checked the report on incoming missionaries. He served a mission here, and they have spent some time teaching English in China. We hope President can get that moved up a few weeks. We spent the morning at the office preparing to be gone for 3 days.