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To say that I was disappointed in myself was an understatement.

I was a smart girl making incredibly stupid choices when it came to my sex life.

Let me just say that I respect anyone who has ever had to disclose a positive STD screening to someone.OK, so maybe it's not a tale as old as time, but I have heard this story before.For the longest time, I felt that it would be stupid for someone to close themselves off emotionally just because of one bad relationship.I sat there in silence, enduring a internal panic attack while my friends drank mimosas and laughed.While I am not proud to admit this, I knew in that moment that I had two options: 1) I could stop sleeping with the guys in my rotation, get cured, and deny ever having had an STD going forward, or 2) I could tell all of them that I had potentially put them at risk and be forced to grit my teeth through whatever verbal or social backlash resulted from my honesty.

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He was also farthest removed from my social circle, and we had never discussed the obvious risks of both of us sleeping with other people.

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