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When you are away, your child cannot bring his friends home.Most importantly, they cannot throw parties when you are out of town. But if they are too stubborn and argumentative, tell them that if an outsider gets hurt in your home and sues you, your family will not have a roof over their head.Mom Junction helps you in coming up with rules on various matters such as your teen’s safety, his health habits, ethics and morality, and of course some limits on dating too. Children long for freedom and independence in their teenage.They need liberty to explore life, discover themselves and transition into adulthood smoothly.Every parent of a teenager feels this at some point in their life.The irony is, when our child is a baby, we wish he grew up and when he grows up we wish he were still a toddler. Some just accept the problem and wait for the child to pass through that annoying phase while some completely give up on parenting.Likewise, set a specific bedtime for your teens for school days and holidays.They may not like it, but ensuring that they go to bed at a particular time brings in discipline.

Be a smart parent to know that your teen is likely to experiment with alcohol once he is in high school.

Your teen probably has a busy social life, but that is not an excuse to come home late.

Instead of losing sleep, find a practical solution.

Every family should have:[ Read: Tips For Parenting Teenagers ]Rules do not pertain to just discipline.

You need to come up with some for your teen’s safety and more.

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