Dating islamic man

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Dating islamic man

94-98) as his word: "And come not nigh to fornication, adultery is actually a heinous act and an evil way. Syaikh Muhammad ibn Saleh al-Uthaymeen was asked about the relationship of love before marriage (dating).

However, these goals can not justify anything impure." Answer: Not allowed to speak with a strange woman (not a mahram) with talks that could lead to lust, like seduction, soften the and make good voice over the phone or the other.As word of the Almighty: "And do you soften the sound, so will want the people who have heart disease." (Surat al-Ahzab: 32).As has been thabit from the Prophet SAW, that he said: "Let not a man two-pair with a woman except with mahram, and let not a woman travel except with her mahram." (Fatwas Muhammad Al-Islamiyah collection Musnid 3 / 80).Shaykh Abdullah Ibn Abdur Rahman al-Jibrin was asked: "If there was a man who corresponded with a woman who is not mahram, which in the end they loved each other, is the act haram?

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From Jabir ibn Samurah said: Rasulullah SAW said: "No one of you two-pair with a woman, because the devil will be the third." (Narrated by Ahmad, 1 / 18, Tirmidhi, 3 / 374 with Saheeh isnaad , see Takhrij Misykah 3188).

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