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Many of our projects are repairs due to fire, high winds, neglect, or the correction of previous work which was done poorly.Most of our work is followed by an assessment of the structure, and a prioritization of the needed work.Often our preservation projects are phased over a period of several years due to the needs of the owner.

The goal of timber frame preservation is to perform the repairs in the spirit of the original building.The period of study where dendrochronology can be most helpful in understanding buildings in the United States ranges from the 17th to the mid-19th century.The primary tree species used in construction for which there are dated masters in the New England and eastern New York region include oak, pitch pine, hemlock, spruce, and to a somewhat lesser extent, white pine and chestnut.There was a date marker of 1743, or possibly even earlier; a new ell had been added in 1802; he had bills of sale for glass and lime dating from the 1750s, and the structure had been restored in 1957.The front of the building had seemingly been built against an earlier building, long gone. The quest to present accurate information about historic building construction led Historic Deerfield’s architectural conservator, Bill Flynt, to consider dendrochronology to help him resolve the disparities between the physical and documentary evidence.

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One of our forte’s is in-situ restoration, and with years of training and experience in timber frame carpentry our projects exceed national project guidelines for timber frame repairs.