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Before anyone says this is a reasonable request because stars get tired of having people stare at them: no, this is not a reasonable request.You could say, "Please don't stare at me"--contractually requiring people not to meet you in the eye when they work for you is ridiculous diva behavior. My friend worked back stage at a concert she was performing at in the mid 90s.How can someone like Gaga, who purports to be some kind of humanitarian, forbid one of the most basic human interactions with the people who work with her/for her?And yes, where doe someone like Katy Perry, whose only real talent is looking cute, get off with an edict like this?They end up on dancing with the stars trying to salsa their way back into our hearts, so they can be stared at again. They are friggin performers, not messengers sent from some devine holy place. While there were exceptions, nobody likes getting stared at. When they call action, everybody on the set is staring at the actors.Why society continues to tolerate such bullshit from performers, athletes, artists, etc is beyond me. The rule was treat them like a normal business relationship. They each have a job to do, the actors and the stage hands.

I can see how the new kid on the job might need a nudge, but I just can't see how everyone else needs to be told this.In fact, I've always been told that people who have been doing this for years can barely muster the energy to care, let alone be insulted with a "please don't stare" memo.[quote]I see nothing wrong with this. It's just part of the job and it's not just celebrities. Every time I walked through, by, around, or went anywhere - everyone looked at me. I dealt with it and never, ever dreamed of allowing my subordinates to ban people from looking at me.Imagine going to work and EVERYONE, absolutely EVERY SINGLE PERSON you walk by or are in the same room with is staring right at you the entire time. In every meeting, everyone looked at me all the time. These celebrity retards are quick to blame their staff for implementing the "no look" rule without their knowledge but it's not the staff's fault.Supposedly when Sandra saw one of the signs she ordered they all be taken down.She then threw the cast & crew a big party to break the ice & clear up the misunderstanding.

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Alba, who is currently dating film producer Cash Warren, was shocked by the behavior of her fellow actors on the set of the high school drama. Maybe because the leading characters were so popular they didn't want other actors looking at them."You wouldn't be allowed to talk to them unless they spoke to you first. But I guess that's what happens when you become a big star."A lot of actors get away with murder on set, but I always like to be part of the crew."R11 / R12 again.