Dating a salsa dancer

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Dating a salsa dancer

Fabrica de Arte Cubano - Cuban Art Factory in Havana Contemporary hot spot in Havana - Vedado, originally the headquarters for Electricity Company, then converted to an olive oil factory famous el Cocinero, and now to Cuban Art Factory.Cuban musician X Alfonso converted a former oil factory into art gallery, theatre, night-club.Retazos, which has taken the lead in using the setting, revitalizing it and making people part of the artistic creation, is one of the most admired companies in Latin America.

Contemporary dance in Cuba has achieved a great deal in its short history and is making an important and unique contribution to the world of dance.Visitors Old Havana's Historical Centre will find a surprising sights, the city dances.Squares, parks, streets museums and old houses seem to be possessed by the spirit of dance, which invoked by dancer and choreographer Isabel Bustos and her company Retazos.Also activities taking place across a total 22 spaces, including the Fayad Jamis, Ateneo Cervantes and Alma Mater book stores, the Casa de Asia and Chinatown.Literature Literature is the best way to understand soul of Havana, in 19th Cirilo Villavarde expose the tragedy of slavery in his novel Cecilia Valdes, with description parts of Havana that are still recognizable today.

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One of the boats was the "Pilar" owned by Ernest Hemingway, who competed in the first bill fishing tournament representing the International Nautical Club of Havana.