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“I was sitting at the bar when he walked into the room and looked at me.I met his eye contact and smiled.” My friend was asking how I had managed to attract the attention of a particular gentleman, and so I obliged her with a blow-by-blow of our meet cute.It’s a moment of vulnerability and unspoken attraction. All it takes is courage to meet his gaze for a few seconds and you’ll immediately build your confidence—and his!These tense exchanges are how chick flicks make their millions (not to mention the thing that sustains us throughout hours of BBC’s Who knew we were letting so many of these precious moments pass us by! In looking at him, you may realize he wants to look at you.Many women need to work hard to boost themselves up and remind themselves of their beauty and worth.

It breaks down barriers and allows others to see what you're thinking or feeling.

Remember, too, that if he doesn’t look back, it isn’t because you are undesirable or hopeless with men.

There are 101 reasons why a man might look away and then move on.

It does not give away your inner feelings about him, nor does it expose your heart.

It merely communicates to him that you would like him to come over and speak to you.


Would you want to just walk up to someone who has not given you any reason to think she’s interested back?

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