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The tea house’s hour-long show also features a tea ceremony as well as an acrobatic act with long-spouted tea pots.For history buffs, the archaeological treasures at a place called Jinsha reveal a little known side to the area’s past.For first-timers in Sichuan’s capital, a trip to the Chengdu Panda Base is a must.Beat the crowds by getting there at 7.15am to purchase tickets; when the centre opens at 7.30am, you will be one of the first to coo at sleepy baby pandas at the Sunshine Nursery enclosure.Other diners will also be drinking icy light beers and bottles of sweetened coconut milk to help quell the spiciness; follow their lead.

The Leshan Giant Buddha is worthy of a half-day excursion.

From Chengdu, the city of Leshan is a mere hour’s high-speed train ride away to the south; the Buddha is then a 15-minute taxi ride from the station.

There are two ways to see the Leshan Buddha: to view it whole from afar via a very short ride on a dated passenger ferryboat, or to walk down from near its head to the bottom of the Buddha’s feet.

Pandas and hotpot out of the way, you can now focus on the many other things Chengdu has going for it.

A involves lavishly costumed performers switching from mask to mask in an instant as they dance and move across the stage.

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Two to three hours is plenty to explore the more built-up front part of the mountain, ending with a boat ride on the scenic Yuecheng Lake.

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