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li aeema almost an interpositio Q of Divine Providence PREFACE BY THE MEMOIRIST. Cobb's life was spared to bring the record down to the establishment of his Chbistiak Fbeeman; because from that date there was no difficulty in the taking up of tiie narrative by another, as the files of his weekly publi- cation a£fbrded sufficient guide to one who had been closely associated with him in business during the greater portion of the time subsequent to the issue of the first number of the paper. But whenever I would pass into rvligioua contempla- tions, all was blackness and darkness and tempest.

Down to that x)oint — the going forth of his Freeman — the good Lord held up his hand, and then the pen was dropped! Cobb had kept a joomal from the earliest times of his ministerial labor, and be had fragmentary records extending back to his school- boy days ; but none other than himself could have filled in all that was necessary to the presenting of a true and faithful picture of his life therefrom; or, at least, none other could have done it so well. Neither of these two daughters being mentioned in the will of their father, the presumption is they died young. But my reason was not passive, nor was my moral sense buried in inertia.

Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. 24, 1754, aged 77 years, and his wife Hannah April 9, 1747, aged 66 years. But I cannot brag of my exploits in any other branch of manual labor.

It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. I have spoken of swinging the sharpened, well-balanced scjrthe. In this polite accomplishment I became qnite a proficient in the advanced stage of my teens.Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. He had also John, tmm 1 July, 1711, died March 1, 1713, and John again, bom Oct. But in chopping, especially in dealing horizontal blows with the axe in felling large trees, my muscles were not hard enough for a continuous exercise of the kind. In hoeing com and potatoes, I was so subservient to a taste for beauty and order, and I was so particular to root up every weed and to leave the hills nice and regular, and the rows handsome, that it was difficult for me to clip along and keep up with my companions.Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. This predominant taste for beauty %xlm Salem, Mass., t Jie propnetor of the south half of the township, called Hia BIRTH AND EARLY DATS.Xb 8 FSSFACX BY TBt MEMOt Bl ST, be eat there at Ma desk, with Uis manhood's accumulated labors of half a century beating the earthly tabernacle down to the grave, be did not know, he did not realize, how mach he had accomplished. m S ANCESTRY, I AH able to trace my lineal descent from Elder Henry Cobb as my immigrant ancestor. 247,) are as numerous, figuratively, " as the sands on the sea- shore." Nineteen of the name had graduated at the New England colleges in 1828. The Cobbs of Georgia &re a different family, though perhaps remotely related. The tradition, as I have received it from my father, ia, that eevcn brotliers originally emigrated from England. His children bom in Barnstable were Gideon, 11 April, 1691 ; Eunice, 18 Sept., 1693; Lois, 2Mareh, 1696; and Nathan, baptized June 1, 1700. The common effort for removing the difl Sculty afforded no relief to my mind. was as tbat described by the prophet, "As if a maa did flee f Vom a lion, and a bear met him ; or went into the house and leaned his hand on the wall, and a serpent bit him." My mind waa exercised on these difficulties with inten- sive labor. Bat it was not as mysteriea that they troubled me ; for a mystery in divine truth is only tbat which is secret or unknown, which will commend itself to the reason and moral sense as fast as It becomes revealed.He bad seen and gloried in tbe magnificent result to his denomination, and to his country, and to bnmanity everywhere ; but hia modesty of feeling, and generous impulse of according to others their full due, prevented bim ftvm comprehending bow much he bad done towards the grand consummation. He is said to have come over from England to the " Old Colony" in America, by the second trip of the Mayflower, which was but a very few years after her first voyage, with the Pilgrim Fathers, in 1620^ Farmer's "Genealogical Register of the First Settlers of New England" says of him, "He came to Plymouth as early as 1629 ; was at Scitaate in 1633 ; re- moved to Barnstable, where he died in 1679, leaving seven sons and four daughters. From a series of chapters on the " History of Bam- stible," by Amos Otis, Esq., published in the " Barnstable Patriot" in 1862, 1 extract the following statistics of the Cobb genealogy, which appear to have been collected with much painstaking research : — 9 i JISF. Four settled in Virginia, three went to Massachusetts. Margaret, the wife of Gideon, of this family, was admitted July SI, 1726, to the church in Hampton, Conn. It was this : not that God created any portion of mankind for the pur- pose of making their existence an endless curse to them- selves (this figment of Calvinism was generally repudi- ated by verbal protestation, however it might be logically involved in the doctrines yet adhered to) ; but that they should be infinitely happy or miserable, as they should make themselves by the use of the i^ncy he gives them, in the midst of the counteracting circumstances upon which Am one modification of endless miserianism to another for rest and satisfaction) nv^ c^t)&^ 38 Ssr. But the dogmas which so embarrassed and perplexed me involved moral principles, of which the mind of man is capable of judging ; and of which we must form an enlightened judgment if we would be capable of rendering to God acceptable praise. In order to render such praise to God, we must be enlightened into sach knowledge of God's character and of the principles and purposes of his government as shall commend the whole to OUT reason and conscience as just and good.

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And I do not think his hope will be without its fruition ; for of all the lessons of good that are given men to study, none can be studied with more profit than the life-lessons which are home in the record of a truly great and good man. My father, grand- father, and great-grandfather were all named John." Traditions are naually worthless. Pratt, in his " History of Eastham," page 27, gives an account of the origin of the Cobb families, founded on a tradi tion which is wholly unreliable. The former asserted that the Creator originally purposed the endless damnation of countless millions of his children.

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