Bloomberg spreadsheet not updating

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Bloomberg spreadsheet not updating

This keeps your subjects happy, especially since the last trial is thus always a ‘success’. Thus, if you duplicate (appropriately renaming it) or put a copy in a different location, each will have their ‘personal’ SETTINGS; to switch between different sets of SETTINGS, just quit/exit and start the other version. Additionally, the result can be transferred to the clipboard (in a simple, final-result-only or full-history fashion); so just switching to a spreadsheet program running in the background allows pasting the result.

Often one wants different sets of SETTINGS, e.g., for training vs. As of version 3.6, TCP/IP-based result transmission is also available, using a standard URL-request GET call.

For ‘real’ scientific applications choose 8/30, or, better, repeat each condition (e.g.

each eye at 18 trials, ideally in an ABBA scheme) and take the mean. Because every 6th trial is a “bonus trial”, where the optotype is presented at 3 times its current threshold estimate. Rather than change the settings each time (with the danger to forget something), be informed that the SETTINGS state is stored per Fr ACT file.

In SETTINGS, you can switch from “normal display” (default) to mirroring horizontally, vertically or to 180° rotation. Only occasionally do I find the time to systematically analyse the papers whether Fr ACT was actually used, so the list is incomplete. Reason for re-write was that I wanted to improve the contrast dithering.

I'd appreciate a reprint (PDF) if you profited from Fr ACT. This entailed updating to the (totally underwhelming) Adobe's Flash CS3 development system.

Depending on your application, you may wish to use only the 4 primary gap positions or to supplement it with the four oblique directions; Fr ACT allows both.

Briefly: 4 directions are less easily confused, but guessing probability is higher making more trials necessary; 8 positions allow more rapid determination of visual acuity(less trials) as the guessing probability is lower.

New: “Reward pictures” (enable “SETTINGS “Fr ACT” is a widely used visual test battery in form of a free computer program.

In narrow environments the standard 4 m distance may be difficult to achieve.

In such conditions, high-quality front surface mirrors can be employed.

Vs 3.9.9a as of 2018-02-14 Downloads | Checklist | Manual | →Fr ACT Blog On smartfone? Acuity Cheat Sheet Even while updates are in testing, a completely new version w/o Flash is developed. This is the free, multi-platform Freiburg Visual Acuity Test Contrast Test Vernier Test Grating Test.

You can run the tests below within your browser (for security, “result→clipboard” is then disabled) or download as a stand-alone program. Your feedback is welcome and has frequently lead to improvements and extensions.

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All selections in SETTINGS are automatically saved.

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