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Bginfo not updating

I then proceeded to add Processor Model & BIOS version, then several TS Variables.

Make sure you’ve downloaded the updated files and place them into their corresponding MDT folders (x86 & x64).

Finally, pulling in OSD information from the TS that is running.

To achieve this, in the TS, I write those items to the Win PE registry, so I can easily harvest it from bginfo.

If you use MDT, then you’re familiar with their use of changing the background and adding system information during the OSD process.

This is pretty handy to get some basic info, but with a little tweaking, you can add additional data that can be very useful to make visible during OSD.

\" & str Computer & "\root\default: Std Reg Prov") str Key Path = "SYSTEM\Current Control Set\Control\Secure Boot\State" str Value Name = "UEFISecure Boot Enabled" o Reg.

If you want to test the scripts, replace echo with wscript.echo, then remove the wscript before using in bginfo. They work fine in PE, and that was good enough for me, I don't need them to be fancy.At this point you can start to modify to get it how you like.Mine now looks like this: (Keep reading, I’ll get to the Custom Fields) I broke it into a few categories, Win PE info, which is the current OS when STEP_02 runs, so the commands are being run against the Win PE image.Enum Key(h Def Key, str Key Path, arr Sub Keys) = 0 Then echo "UEFI" Else echo "BIOS" End If Const HARD_DISK = 3 str Computer = "." Set obj WMIService = Get Object("winmgmts:" _ & "!\" & str Computer & "\root\cimv2") Set col Disks = obj WMIService.

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Basics, the required files used during this process are stored here: MDT Package\Tools\x64 & x86 It currently comes with old version of bginfo 4.20, the current version when writing this is 4.25. BGI) - Called during "Set Status 2" Step in a MDT enabled Task Sequence.

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