Bertie 46 nottingham dating

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Bertie 46 nottingham dating

Wife and children.' For further family details see the William Oswin's record. Three cousins — brothers — have all made the great sacrifice.Following is an article published in the Nottingham Evening Post dated 24th March 1916 and is courtesy of Jim Grundy and his facebook pages Small Town Great War Hucknall 1914-1918 and includes his comments on the men mentioned in the article. “The eldest son — ex-Corporal James [1], 36, formerly the 4th Sherwoods — would have been with the forces to-day but for the loss of a leg in the South African campaign.

1882 (J/F/M Nottingham), Joseph Oswin 1883 (A/M/J Basford), Thomas Edward Oswin 1884 (J/A/S Basford), John Oswin 1885 (O/N/D Nottingham), Eliza Annie 1888 (A/M/J Nottingham), William Oswin 1890 (J/F/M Nottingham), Bertie Oswin 1892 (J/A/S Nottingham), Lily Oswin 1894 (J/F/M Nottingham), Samuel Oswin 1897 (J/F/M Nottingham) and Elizabeth Oswin 1898 (A/M/J Nottingham).

The eldest surviving child, James, who was described in the 19 Census as an 'army pensioner' (1901 census: 'lost leg in action') may have been wounded in the Boer War as there is a record of a Corporal Oswin (6339) of the 4th Battalion Sherwood Foresters serving in the South Africa Field Force, who was wounded at Roodeval on 7 June 1900.

Private Joseph Oswin enlisted in Nottingham and served with the 10th battalion Sherwood Foresters.

Joseph's photo was published in the Nottingham Evening Post on 12th April 1916.

An ' In Memoriam' notice was published in the same paper on 14th February 1917: ' OSWIN – In memory of Joseph, beloved husband of Daisy Oswin, killed in action February 14th, 1916. [Mary] Oswin, of 62, Trent-lane, has given all her seven sons to the army. In addition, she has two sons-in-law with the colours, and about 20 more distant relatives.

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Joseph (29) was a general labourer while Mary (27) was a lace dresser. However, Thomas and Mary had another daughter in 1914 (O/N/D) and also called her Amy. 1982) a second son, James, in 1913 and another son, Reuben, born 19 January 1915 (d. A report of John's death in the local paper in 1914 gave his address as Kingston Street, Sneinton.