Army dating in same unit regulations

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There are many educational opportunities at the ed center on post, especially with much of this base being an officer’s college, but there is the Kansas City community College and University of Saint Mary out in town, as well as many other colleges 20-40 minutes away. (on post and off) You have your usual opportunities for employment in the are, retail, restaurant, a few factories, like Hallmark, as well.Much of this base is run by government/civilian employees as well, so finding a job isn’t too hard.Your Name (if you would like it to appear): Mel Base Name: Fort Leavenworth Base Location: North east Kansas border, close to Kansas City How long have you been here? I don’t think they are very nice and the neighborhoods seem sort of run down, but, I’ve seen worse.

I’ve never heard of any spouses clubs on post, not to say there isn’t one, but it isn’t advertised very well if there is one. There aren’t many things to do in the immediate area, there is a nice park in the city of Leavenworth, and a nice, small downtown area with some quaint small shops as well as a Farmers Market on the weekends, but you usually have to drive to get to the good stuff.My rule of thumb is if it’s not in a subdivision, don’t rent or buy it, but to be in a subdivision means being farther away from the base or in the town of Lansing.The rental rates for the subdivision homes are usually pretty steep in rent, as this areas rental market is mostly based on the Officers BAH rate for those coming to the school here, so many enlisted soldiers end up moving to areas like Platte City, Missouri, Atchison, KS or even Kansas City, itself to find something safe and affordable. There is also another housing area which houses the junior enlisted and junior NCO’s. Officers without their families can have 1-2 other roommates in those same housing areas.

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There is one other similar neighborhood for Junior NCO’s and Senior NCO’s, but in a different area of base.